What to Expect in a Job Interview for Desktop Support Position?

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Good talk in an interivewEvery business uses computers nowadays. Generation Y is quite skilled in solving software and hardware related problems. But older generations need a helping hand with simple tasks, such as updating the system or disabling a firewall when needed. That is the reason why jobs for desktop support technicians and specialists became so popular. Are you applying for one too?

The competition in this interview is not extremely high, but the handful of applicants you need to beat to get a job consists of skilled and educated individuals. Therefor, in order to succeed, it is good prepare for the interview questions in advance, as well as to learn some unique interview tips. Our website should help you with it. Welcome!

What happens in an interview for desktop support positions?

Everything starts with several typical questions. Interviewers use it to assess your communication skills and motivation to do a job. A good desktop support technician does not only know how to solve the problems, but also how to communicate with the non-IT personnel. He needs to know to explain difficult things in a simple language.

That’s why you should not underestimate the first part of your interview. Listen carefully, speak to the point and use simple terminology when answering the questions. Do not hesitate to ask additional questions, if something is not clear. Let’s have a look at the questions:


Man has a problem with the computerBehavioral questions

You will deal with difficult situations and talk to unhappy people while doing your job. Interviewers typically ask few behavioral questions to see what you did in various work-related situations in the past, in order to forecast your behavior in the future. Let’s have a look at behavioral questions they use in desktop support interviews.


Technical questions

Desktop support is primarily a technical field. You can surely make a good impression on the recruiters with excellent answers to personal and behavioral questions. But in order to get a job, you will need to do quite well in a technical part of the interview too. Technical questions can differ from company to company, depending on the networking solutions, operating systems and working environment they use. However, the following list of questions should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Support team in a company

  • Your goal is to update the OS in thirty computers from the same network. Describe the steps you would take to finish the task in the shortest possible time. It is possible to do this without interrupting the work of the others?
  • One of the workers gives you a call and tells his computer is very slow for the last three days. Describe the process of troubleshooting in this case.
  • What are the ways of resetting user passwords in Windows 8?
  • You know the business activities of our company. What software components would you recommend to use? Can you troubleshoot these components?
  • One of the computers stops working and reports that the virus was detected. However, the virus scan shows no infections. What steps would you take? What could be the problem then?
  • How could you disable the firewall in Windows 8? In what cases should you do so?
  • One of client’s PCs needs a reinstall. But you need to back up all received emails in Outlook. How would you do it?
  • What command prompts do you know?
  • What would you do to secure Windows server files in case of a need of an update?
  • How would you monitor desktops in our company? Do you know any tools that can handle it? Which one would you recommend?
  • Define the steps of installing a pre-existed printer on users desktop.
  • Describe me a configuration of your own computer. All the details.


Job interview for desktop support positions is quite difficult. The competition is not huge, but most of the applicants have good qualities and knowledge. To underestimate your preparation would be a costly mistake… Sometimes your technical knowledge can decide it for you and sometimes the most skilled technicians don’t get a job, as they don’t know how to sell their skills in an interview. If it is your case too, don’t forget to check our I Will Get a Job Recording. It will guide you on how to ace the interview and sell your skills to the recruiters. Thank you!

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