Can You Tell Me a Little about Your Experience?


This question seems to be easy, but the opposite is truth. Actually, interviewers observe a lot of things while you answer it:


  • What do you consider important when talking about a job. (Do you talk about duties, problems, or about achievements and added value you brought to the team? Do you talk positively, or negatively, about your former colleagues?)
  • Can you communicate in a simple way, so the employees will understand you?  (Do not forget that this job is also about communication. Good desktop support worker can not only troubleshoot computers, but also educate the employees about solution to common problems.)
  • Are you a good listener? Do you talk to the point? (They ask you to tell a little about your experience. Are you going to talk only about few most relevant jobs briefly? Or, are you going to retell your entire resume? Be careful and do exactly what they ask you to do. If they ask you to tell a little about your experience, then do talk for a long time…)

One on one job interview at a tableAs you can see, a simple question can actually tell a lot about your suitability for this job. Questions like “Introduce yourself in less than ten words.“, “What three adjectives characterize you the most?“, or “Tell a little about your experience.“, etc, hide the same intentions of the recruiters. Please, be careful about it in an interview!

On the top of that, you should speak nicely about your former occupations and colleagues. Nobody wants to employ a guy who complains about something all the time…

And remember, you should focus on your duties and achievements when talking about working experience. These things interest the employer.

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