Describe a time when you went above and beyond of what was expected of you.


Three people in a job interview for desktop supportDesktop support workers have a tendency to quietly sit in an office and wait for call to do something. It is in fact all right, as that is the nature of the job – to consult, advice, or troubleshoot, when it is needed.

However, an exceptional job candidate has a different attitude. He does not like to sit in an office doing nothing. He is proactive and try to uses all his free time in work to bring some added value. Of course, he is primarily on a call and ready to help to solve the problems. But if there is not any problem, he should still do something to use his office time effectively. For example he can:

  • Work on his knowledge, or browse forums to learn solutions to various problems that may occur.
  • Implement new software or utilities that help other employees to make their work more effective.
  • Do random desktop checks to identify upcoming issues up front and solve it sooner than it evolves into real problem.

Exceptional desktop support worker does this in his “free office time“. Well, you do not have to have the same attitude in job… But you can try to present yourself in this way in an interview, to improve your chances of getting the job.

Sample answer

There was a quiet period in a company. There was really no work for desktop support at that time. What I did was that I arranged an individual meeting with every employee in the office, and asked about his computer, the speed, problems and ideas of improvement. I made notes and based on the observations I presented my ideas of improvement in the monthly staff meeting. Managers agreed with my ideas, we implemented it and it actually led to more than ten percent increase of working efficiency in marketing and sales department. This was not on the list of my working duties, but I did it as I believe that once you are in an office, you should spend your time working on something. You should not just sit and wait for the call…

What to say at the end?

This was the last answer. We hope that you enjoyed your time on our website and feel better prepared for your interview now. Please, do not forget that in technical interviews, it’s often an ability to sell your skills and knowledge that decides a winner. If communication skills aren’t amongst your strengths, I suggest you to check our I Will Get a Job! Recording, to learn how to impress the recruiters and win their hearts. This could be your ticket to success…