What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?


Young applicant talking to the interviewerMany people are afraid of this question. We are afraid to look into the mirror, we are afraid to admit our own weaknesses. However, this question is not so difficult, if you know what to say.

Clever applicants simply pick a strength that is related to the job. In this case, we can talk about responsibility, analytical thinking, problem solving ability, attention to detail, strong computer intelligence, etc. When you apply for this job, I am sure you have at least one of these strengths. All you have to do is to pick it for your answer.

It is a different story regarding weaknesses. You should choose a weakness that would not influence your performance in work too much. Being over friendly to people, being impatient, or being unable to manage other people, just to list a few… Some of these are actually considered as strengths by many employer and some other are simply not important for desktop support employee. He does not have to be good in managing people. It’s just not important for his job…

Elaborate on your answer

Interviewers want to hear about your effort to improve. Tell them that you read literature, or visit some courses, or do what ever, just to convince them that you are a responsible employee who tries to improve every day. Let’s have a look at sample answers.

I have a tendency to be impatient sometimes. And sometimes, I want to do all things myself… These are my weaknesses. From my strengths, I can mention good computing skills and an ability to understand the real base of a problem behind complicated issues. I believe this ability can be utilized on a position of a desktop support technician. It is one of the reasons why I chose this career. I try to work on my patience and actually it has improved over the years. I understand I need to be more patient in my job. So I try…

I can not manage a small team of people. I am terrible at it and I hope to never have to do it in job. On the other hand, I am really skilled with computers, having excellent intelligence with it. I can learn to work with any program pretty quickly and can find solutions to various issues.

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