Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years Time?


This is a tricky question. Before deciding what to answer, you should think a little about the perspective in front of you. Is it a big company with career growth options? Are there many desktop support technicians, or is there only one or two? Do they hire also for senior positions, or only for the entry level jobs?

The situation differs and you need to adjust your answer to it. In some companies there’s a possibility for career growth. In some other, they want to hire someone who will be happy with the same job for a long time, because there are no options of promotion.

Connect your future with the company

A loyal employee is shaking hand with a bossYou should always connect your future with the company. If there are no career growth possibilities, tell them that you will be happy to have the same job in desktop support in five years time.

But if there are career growth possibilities, tell them that you see yourself as a senior desktop support specialist (or other available position) in five years time.


Sample answers

To be honest, I do not think too much about promotion and these things. I like to do desktop support and the job conditions are good for me. Therefor in five years time, I see myself doing a good job as a desktop support technician, ideally at your institution.

I see myself specializing on network problems, in five years time. But I understand I need to learn a lot to become qualified for this position. That is also one of the reasons why I apply for a job here as a desktop support technician, as I believe it is a good starting point for my career and I can be promoted internally, when the time is right.

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