Can you tell me a little about your experience?


Your answer to this particular question helps us to understand a couple of things about you.

  • What matter to you, what you consider important. (Do you talk about working duties, about problems, or about achievements and value you brought to the team of your former employer? Do you talk nicely, or badly about your former colleagues?)
  • Can you talk in a simple way, describing technical things in a language anyone will understand?  (Do not forget that communication is central for this job. Good desktop support technician can not only troubleshoot computers, but also educate the employees on how to repair the basic issues on their own.)
  • Are you a good listener? Do you talk to the point? (We ask you to tell us a little about your experience. And we will watch whether you talk about most relevant jobs only (if you have any previous experience), or talk for ten minutes about everything you have done in your life. Try to do exactly what we ask you to do.


One on one job interview at a table, we have  a look from upside, we can see a woman in black and man in whiteYour answer to a seemingly simple question can actually tell a lot about your readiness for the job. Questions like “Introduce yourself in ten words.“, “Three adjectives that characterize you the best.“, or “Tell us a little about your experience.“, are trickier than they sound…

What is more, you should speak nicely about your former jobs and colleagues. Nobody wants to employ a technician who will complain about everything, and look for the negatives…

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