Describe a situation when you had to solve a difficult problem in a short time. What was the problem? How did you handle the situation?


Blue keyword with a stethoscope, illustration of desktop support.To solve a problem is one thing. To solve it quickly is another one. Interviewers try to hire desktop support technicians who can analyze the problem quickly, design a solution, and apply it.

What is more, the question has two parts (clarifying the problem, and describing the solution). Good listener, that means good applicant for any position in desktop support, will answer both parts of the question.

Obviously, you should always talk about the problem that you eventually solved, ideally in a short time.  Try to speak clearly and to the point, describing a solution in a simple way, one your interviewers will understand.


What if you have no desktop support experience?

A tense situation in a job interview, we have a young male candidate in black jacket, and two interviewers. One of them make notes to the computer, other writes on a sheet of paperBehavioral questions are difficult for people with little or no working experience.

However, we do not specify a problem you should talk about. We only inquire about a difficult problem, and a solution you applied in a short time.

If this is your first job application, or if you simply haven’t solved any difficult problem related to hardware of software, you can talk about something different–problem in your personal life, problem from school, etc.

Your attitude and communication skills matter to us, not the particular situation you narrate.


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