Describe a situation when you could not solve a problem by yourself.


We can see a line of desktop support assistants, all in white shirts, all wearing headphonesAlone we are weak. Together we can be strong. Even the best desktop support specialist can not solve each problem on their own. We all need help sometimes.

Good applicant for this position should know what to do when they can not address a particular issue. Few steps you should follow in this job:

  1. Try to solve the problem on your own.
  2. Look for a solution online, on the support forums.
  3. Contact more experienced (or specialized) technician from the company and consult them about the problem.
  4. Contact someone from outside of the company and invite them to address the issue, if nothing from the above mentioned steps worked.
  5. Once the problem is solved, make a report on the way they addressed it, to ensure you’ll be able to replicate the process, if the same issue occurs again.


Show humility

I have interviewed many job applicants who claimed to have solved each issue independently. However, it isn’t a good answer to this question. We all have our limits.

Try to admit that you didn’t solve a problem alone. The key is to show us that you know what steps to take, that you do not give up until the problem is solved (by you, or by anyone else).

Sample answer

Job interview. Three interviewers interview one candidate. We can see a computer on a table. Once I updated twenty OS at once, using standard Windows Update. However, once I progressed with restarting the machines, the Windows did not start. I have not encountered this problem before and had no idea what to do.

I searched for the similar problems on the pages of Microsoft support forums, but it was not described. Finally, I contacted the support at Microsoft directly and after spending some time on the phone with them, I finally reached the specialist.

However, after sending them the report of the problem and having a lively discussion with them, we were still unable to identify the issue.

Since the computers did not start even in a safe modem and the repair mode did not help to understand the problem, I decided to give up and reinstalled the machines with original version without an update. I learned an important lesson – to never update many computers at once, at least not before we test the update on a single machine.

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