Describe a conflict you had with one of your colleagues. What was the situation and how did you solve the conflict?


Desktop support employees talk to all kinds of people–and in every corporation, you’ll find a mixture of personalities and intellects.

What is more, people calling you will often be angry or upset, because their computer does not work as it should, and they can not continue doing their job.

Some of those who’d require your assistance may even blame the desktop support for the problem of their computer. This can easily lead to a conflict, and to experience such a conflict is nothing unusual in this job.


Behavioral question, again…

Keyword with red help button to contact support, it is an illustration of desktop support workWe ask you to speak about a conflict you had in the past. Try to provide an in-detail description of the situation, and explain what exactly you did to solve the conflict.

You can also add that you try to avoid conflicts in your job, following a friendly, attentive, and supportive conduct.

If it is your first job application, however, you can talk about a conflict you had with someone at school.

Sample answers

I try my best to avoid conflicts in the workplace. However, sometimes it is not possible to avoid them. In my last job I was unable to solve a critical network error and the entire office was without internet connection for more than two hours. They blamed me for the situation. What I did was that I strongly apologized, and explained them the problem in a simple language. Then I contacted a specialized network engineer and we solved a problem together.

One of my former colleagues did not like me. She was arguing with me all time, and for no reason. I was sad about it, because I had no problem with her and I did not want to have conflicts with my colleagues. I invited her for a lunch, we talked a lot, clarified things, shook hands. Our relationship eventually improved.

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