Where do you see yourself in five years time?


Answering this question, you should think about the possibilities your new employment will offer. Is it a big company, one where you can pursue a career of a specialist, or a senior technician? Or is it rather a small business, and they look for single desktop support specialist, for someone who will be happy with the job, someone who won’t seek promotion?

A loyal employee is shaking hand with her boss. Both are wearing black clothes, and they are in an office, walls painted in white colorIn both cases, you should connect your future with their company. If there are no career growth possibilities, tell them that you will be happy to have the same job in five years time (you can leave them before working for five years, of course).

And if they can offer you some possibilities for your career growth, tell them that you see yourself working for them, on a better (senior) position, in five years time. 


Sample answers

To be honest, I do not think too much about promotion, and about things that will happen in five years time. I like to do desktop support and the job conditions are great. I will be happy to work for you in five years time.

I would like to specialize in network engineering. But I need to learn a lot before this can happen, and I see desktop support as a great starting point. When I work for you for five years (if you hire me), I can perhaps get another job in your company, one that deals with networks.

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